Covid-19 Updates


Hello everyone! We wanted to take the time to update you all on everything that we are doing and experiencing in this uncertain time.

Since there is just the two of us here at the Attic, with one of us working full time elsewhere, it is usually difficult to balance everything else with the demands of a small business that doesn't get any outside help. Those that support us by placing orders are the only way we can support the Attic and manage to make sure we can survive while having a platform where we can drive our mission of inclusive fashion for all.

This pandemic has truly tested us, we were already in an uncertain place prior to this and it was a lot of pressure for only Nez to run the shop full time and do everything that normally takes more than one person to do within a business. This was happening at the same time as her having to deal with health issues (that we're still trying to work out each and everyday) that occurred a month into opening our shop. Since we closed the physical shop, which led her to stop and crash, these have flared up more for her. With everything else going on at the moment, these heightened health issues have been difficult for us to manage. 

At the moment, we're both isolating as Nez is extremely vulnerable (to add to the damage!) to this virus on top of being incredibly unwell at the moment. As she is the only one who usually prints orders, some orders that have been placed have been delayed. We're trying our hardest to ensure that we can still make orders and send them out to those who we are thankful have bought from us. This is why we are still keeping orders open only with expected delays. I am also only making bulk trips out to reduce any risks involved for Nez's vulnerability.

As always, you will get a notification through email/text message to say that your order has been dispatched and get a tracking number. We send our parcels through Royal Mail, some of the parcels we have sent through them were quite quick but please allow a few more working days on top of what they usually advise!

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone that has supported us: before this pandemic, during and in the future. It has been hard for us recently, but we're making sure we fight through this.

Much love,

Zara & Nez