** About us

The Alternative Attic is an autistic and LGBTQ+ led company, we welcome you exactly as you are with no strings attached. 

The Alternative Attic was launched in mid 2018 in Manchester, UK. Our founder, Nez, has struggled to find clothing she likes or ones that fit properly since early childhood. With a design background she set up The Alternative Attic to create the clothes she had always wanted and to give her an outlet to express herself. In April 2018 she launched with The Prince’s Trust’s help. In Aug 2018, when a close family member came out to her, she changed the direction of the business to what you see today and to support the LGBTQ+ community in more ways.

We first started our physical presence in Manchester of 2018, participating in numerous markets. We carried this over to 2019, where we were invited to venture outside of Manchester's market scene. We also found our first step into Afflecks with a small pop up shop running for a few weeks with other traders! At the beginning of September 2019, we permanently became part of Afflecks with our own self kitted shop. From day one, our Afflecks shop operated on a 'That Design WILL Fit Me' system. We took great care making sure that our T-Shirts were soft/sensory friendly and ranged as far as an extra small in Kids to 5XL in Adults. 

Unfortunately with the covid pandemic came extreme challenges both health wise and financially. In June 2020 when Afflecks reopened we decided that the best plan for moving forwards was to shut our physical store. Since then we've been silently working on a new home for the brand and in March 2021 we opened an art studio in Pollard Yard and moved the business purely online. The Alternative Attic is growing each and every day, we haven't been able to do it without everyone that has supported us. We have mighty big plans for the future, so watch this space!

What makes our brand so unique?:

  • We only stock Men's clothing, meaning that we can make this as unisex fitting as possible. We also have our size range from S to 5XL (in some pieces of clothing) in Adults. See our sizing chart for details.
  • Where possible, we use clothing that is neurodiverse friendly. Meaning, soft cottons and no side seams and we remove as much of the label as it is possible to remove without damaging the shirt.
  • The LGBTQ+ community hold a big piece of our heart, we always operate on a gender neutral pronoun basis and make sure that our shop is a safe space for anyone and everyone. We also launched an all year round Pride collection, as we believe being proud of who you are shouldn't be for only a few months of the year.